Hindi nalang ko mag doctor,
basig makaguba pa ko’g kinabuhi.
Hindi nalang ko magdahom nga masuccess,
kay palpak gin man ako.
Ikaw na nagsiling.
Amo na si Anna.



If he will allow me to take care of him like I always want to

If he will just play with me like he used to

If he will just go to me because he wants to.

There are things I want to know from you,

Words I want to hear from you.

My eyes find you

You are looking at me

I wander fast because I don’t want to blush

But I realized that I rush

I didn’t have to.

I should’ve looked at you long enough

For us to make faces

I feel awkward maybe.

I never felt this freedom until after you start pursuing your teenage dream

I'm not air-headed,
that I couldn't notice.
Actually, I'm more vigilant than anyone else
When was it when I felt this good?
Feeling the free key, I know now.
You are a cage with 15 locks
Total things;faux
Its your age;those blocks
How did I not foresee this?
I don't think of you anymore
Just when you pass by and they scatter
Thousand thoughts go by whirlwinds
I don't mind, they're just illusions.
I am happy, you pursued her.
For I struggle not to dwell of yesterday, today and tomorrow
The feelings that weren't even mutual
The feelings that were just another teenage gleam.
I am peaceful now because you finally entered your teenage dream.

ZEE LAYERS (BROchure 101: The 4th year struggle)

36000 puzzle pieces. It was complicated and as its complications deepen; my frustrations darken but as soon as I carry on and take up this battle,  I’ve seen the hope brighten.  It just so happened that this part right here is not in the EASY category. You have to learn it from scratch. if you look into perspectives, its actually quite easy as a pie! Sometimes,well, it just depends on the person making. Because, if you know the procedures and importantly what you are doing; that is if you have been using the specific software. Frustrations are common. Heck, if you are a newbie and you’ll make mistakes and then you need to go back to square one. How pain on the back is that?

I realized that i just need to keep on moving just to stay alive– I mean to be able to finish it before the deadline. Also, we are all classmates, jeez; let’s just help one another.

If God ask me who I want to cross paths with, I’d like to meet you again.


I can’t forget the first time.
We were at the same place.
The same school.
The same room.
You were like a display in the museum; so handsome, so engulfing.
You were like a display in the museum; so expensive, untouched.
The twinkle in your eyes manifesting determination and experience.
You have been doing this theater of the voice for a long time now.
I admire you.
The perfectly sculpted face of yours, a living doll.
It was difficult for me to listen to our speaker, and you are too irresistible.

I failed to get your last name; my precious last clue.

Ernest, Ernest, Ernest!

I’m not even sure if I spelled it right.

I want to hear your voice

I did! But it was in general

I want to hear your voice

That is speaking to me, saying my name at least.
I’m still doing this art, I wonder where are you now.


The dark circles below my classmates’ eyes, the late nights.
Its all coming to end soon but its just the first quarter.
I started this school year with high hopes that I will be more academically good.
Nope, I can’t see it. I lost track of lessons, just everything academic; I lost it.
Ironically, I gained non-academic insights which I just don’t know whether to accept or push away and hate.
I hope this coming 2nd quarter will be different. And that the latter quarter was just a warm-up exercise.

»I just abhor failed promises.

Whatchu gonna du?


"I’ve never felt this way before, I can’t stop, it overflows
As if someone locked it up, my lips won’t open in front of you"


 The lingering question that irked me since the first encounter;

“Who is your crush?”.

What..? I was taken aback . I knew this would happen. I plainly replied;

“What are you gonna do with my answer? Are…. you..gonna play with it?” Adding some sniggers in between the lines. “Like you always do; mock it…spread it maybe? I’m starting to feel goosebumps myself.”Or be a dear friend, do me a favor and shower glittery embarrassment to sugar-coat my world? How are you gonna do it this time?”

Basketball is the New Vegetable

I looked around, searching for ideas. I mentally cried for having such different mind. I happen to hate boring concepts; most so cliché. I surrender, I can’t think of any. I wasn’t inspired enough to do work. And so I asked for ideas from people, and come up with the analogy of basketball as the new vegetable. I didn’t mind the tag line since most tag lines are not that strict in terms of grammar. Well, I think the tag line sure explains my concept.


I didn’t have any problem when making the (suppose to be) PSA. It wasn’t a heavy file so there weren’t any errors. It was easy because I have the storyboard but the first step was the most difficult. It was complex thinking procedure, if I were to describe it. It was hard to find concept that’s not so cliché. But overall, it was nice to experience making a PSA in line with eating vegetable.